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  • Slide, jump & tumble through our

    Indoor Soft Play

  • Slide, jump & tumble through our

    Indoor Soft Play

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    Free range fun for
    all the family!

    Nana Ka Adda is a childern play and party area  in the Jaipur.

    Nana Ka Adda located in Jaipur, It offers multiple party halls for small to big celebrations with a big spread of menu items to choose from. The trampoline, high slides, toddler play area and more keeps your little ones entertained. Parents can relax and order from our full café menu and enjoy free Wi-Fi to work and socialize!
    Every child wants a Birthday that creates beautiful memories with lots of fun, play, family and friends! Nana Ka Adda is a perfect destination to make those memories.
    To all the mommy and daddy entrepreneurs out there, having a business is as good as taking care of another child. It requires equal level of
    nurturing, attention and passion to make it out there.

    Open 7 days a week

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